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Safety Tips with Home Service Providers

So you've called a home service provider who will be arriving soon to repair some drywall or paint a room.  Though he comes highly recommended by a friend or family member, the person coming to your home is still a stranger.  Sometimes the company will send a different contractor rather than the one who did such a great job for your friend.   In most cases, there is no threat in allowing the contractor into your home, but older, single homeowners may feel uncomfortable.  Here are some safety tips that will provide some assurance:

Ask for the repairman's physical description.  If the handyman is employed by a large company, ask the service representative for a physical description of the contractor.

Ask to see the handyman's photo identification.  Sometimes the handyman arrives in his own pick-up truck or panel van with no logo or lettering.  Ask to see photo ID or credentials proving he is indeed the home service provider you are expecting.

Keep an eye on the repairman.   A handyman should not roam around your house without your supervision.  Show him the job you need done and watch him as much as possible while he works.

Let a neighbor know that a repairman is coming to your home.  If your neighbor is aware that you are expecting someone, then he or she can keep an eye out or stop by while the service man is there.

Do not valuable items like expensive jewelry, laptop computers, and cash laying around.

Let the company know about any issues you have with the repairman.  Report any suspicious or unprofessional behavior to the company.  Perhaps they have record of other complaints so they will take action to eliminate the problem and preserve their reputation.

Make sure the handyman picks up all his tools.  As he is leaving, make sure he hasn’t left any tools behind to give him reason to return unexpectedly later.

Ask for a written or printed receipt.  Once the work is complete, get a written receipt and keep it in your file. 

Most home service providers can show that they are qualified, licensed, insured and have a good reputation.  Physical attacks and robberies by home repair contractors who were called to your home are rare.  The danger is most present with the handyman who comes knocking at your door to sell his service.  A good handyman will not go door to door looking for work.

The above tips may be critical to safety in some circumstances, but they are also a good way to provide your own reassurance.  Being aware of who is entering your home and using good common sense is necessary.

Philip Pyles, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services is a veteran of the US Navy and Procter & Gamble.  Philip has high standards when it comes to doing business.  His goal is to provide a great experience for his customer by showing up on time with a neat appearance and doing high-quality work.  The HandyPro Handyman will treat the customer and their home with respect, leaving their work area clean and free from debris.

HandyPro’s specialty in senior home modification sets them apart from other handyman services.  Philip is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC), and a member of the National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC).  In addition, the staff at HandyPro’s home office in Plymouth, MI has years of experience designing and installing accessibility solutions for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

What’s on your to-do list?  HandyPro Handyman Services offers affordable solutions to a wide variety of home repairsand maintenance projects.  They also offer senior home modification services including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, super strong grab bars, walk-in tubs and showers and more.  HandyPro specializes in helping the homeowner, business or property manager have minor repairs completed professionally, in a timely manner, and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

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